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‘Holiday for Heroes’ Premieres on December 16th 2016

Giving Thanks

Friday marked Veterans day in America, a holiday where we stop and reflect on the hard work and sacrifices of the armed forces. I took this time to remember all of the wonderful people I met while filming Lidia Celebrates America this year.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I want to share my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the sacrifices that these young soldiers have made for our country.

Since my family and I fled to the United States in 1958, I have been so grateful for those that protect the freedom of this great land. The bravery and perseverance of all the service members that I met this year was so inspiring; I cannot wait to share their stories with you in Lidia Celebrates America: Holiday for Heroes, premiering on December 16th at 10:00 PM on PBS (check your local listings).

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