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At the Table with my Family

January 4, 2016

At the Table with my Family

My holidays were filled with lots of family this year including my own children and grandchildren, my mother Erminia and my brother and his family.

My kitchen table was the center of it all, and it brings me back to the time I sat with Marcus Samuelson at his restaurant Red Rooster in Harlem for this PBS special “Home for the Holidays”, and we started talking about food as a common denominator, a great way to open up communication. His family table was like mine. It’s a place where everything was discussed, how school was going, if one of the siblings had a boyfriend or girlfriend, challenges outside of school and so on.

I love how food connects us all and can communicate many sentiments. As we start this new year, I hope all of us can remember that and spend more time at the table, eating, drinking and talking. Happy New Year!


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