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Potato Memories with My Grandmother

February 25, 2016

Potato Memories with My Grandmother

I’m often asked about celebrating traditions and holidays at the table, but I’m also often asked about some of my most meaningful food memories with my mother or grandmother.

For sure, my earliest memories are of helping my grandmother in the garden. As a little girl, I’d walk behind her as she hoed up the potatoes and for the next planting I’d cut up the seed potatoes we stored over the winter.

We ate a lot of potatoes during my childhood and worked out many ways of dressing them up. We added string beans to them and mashed them when the earliest ones were harvested but we also used the same technique with winter vegetables like Savoy Cabbage or Swiss Chard. Not only were these moments of good nutrition but they also created lasted memories and traditions that I continue to pass on to my own grandchildren.


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