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Lidia’s Heartland

Small towns are the heart of our nation, rich in traditions that have been handed down generation after generation. I feel honored for the opportunity to gain access to people’s long-held cultural traditions. ~ Lidia Bastianich

Premiered December 18 on PBS.

In rural, small towns across the country, Americans are preserving their cultures through food and traditions. In Lidia Celebrates America: A Heartland Feast, Lidia travels to some of these communities, sharing the stories of the people she meets and giving us a lens into their world. “I really respect rural America,” says Lidia “because that is what holds America together. It’s those people that really are the heartbeat of America.”

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Slideshows: Go behind the scenes with Lidia, and view slideshows of some of the people and places she visited while filming A Heartland Holiday Feast!


A Heartland Holiday Feast

Lidia’s journey through the heartland culminates in a holiday meal, which she hosts in rural Pennsylvania. Here the wonderful and diverse culinary traditions, that she encountered on her travels, take center stage. With her own Italian touches, she creates a menu inspired by the variety of dishes and bountiful flavors that she came across on her journey through smalltown America.

Watch Lidia give a toast, and listen to a beautiful song performed by one of her guests in honor of the holiday.

“Food has always been a great part of human identity,” says Lidia. “It is one of the most effective ways of bringing people together so they better understand each other’s unique cultures and traditions. With globalization and growing urbanization different food cultures are travelling across the world and infusing new life to American culinary traditions.”
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