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What Are Some of the Official State Foods?

Official State Foods with Recipes

By Lauren Jones

Certain states can easily be distinguished by a type of food they produce or by a dish they’ve created. Does gumbo or key lime pie make you think of someplace specific? Part of the American allure is that cuisines change as one travels throughout different regions. Here are a few of the official state foods. We’ve also included some recipes and variations for you to try at home.

Alabama State Food

Alabama – State Nut: Pecan

Crunchy pecans complement many different types of cuisine. Added to a pie or used to encrust fish or top a salad, these nuts are nutritious and enjoyable year round.


California State Food

California – State Fruit: Avocado

As the largest producer in the United States, California knows a thing or two about avocados. Eaten fresh, added to a taco, or mashed up into a zesty guacamole, avocados are rich in nutrients and simply delicious.


Floria State Food

Florida – State Pie: Key Lime Pie

A slice of Floridian key lime pie is a citrusy, tart treat. Made from eggs and fresh lime juice this light dessert is perfect for any Summer evening.


Georgia State Food

Georgia – State Fruit: Peach

Juicy peaches are a staple of Summertime fare. While they are most traditionally used in sweet desserts like pie or cobbler, they can also be a nice accompaniment to salsa or sauces.


Idaho State Food

Idaho – State Food: Potato

Whether mashed, fried or baked, potatoes are a comfort food that will never go out of style. Idaho is especially well known for its multi-use potatoes, as it produces one of the largest crops annually.


Louisiana State Food

Louisiana – State Cuisine: Gumbo

Its rich history and robust Cajun flavor gives Louisiana gumbo a mind of its own. Made with a variety of vegetables, chicken, seafood, or Andouille sausage, gumbo is a quintessential hearty soup. Serve it with some flaky French bread for dipping!


Maryland Crab

Maryland – State Food: Crab

One of the stars of the sea, crab is a sweet choice to add to a casserole, pasta dish or bisque. Maryland is known for its blue crabs that are fantastic freshly caught or as part of a crab cake.


Maine State Food

Maine – State Dessert: Blueberry Pie

Blueberries provide a wide range of uses from pie to jam. As Maine is one of the largest producers of blueberries in the U.S., it’s no wonder you are in for an enjoyable delight any time you visit.



Massachusetts – State Dessert: Boston Cream Pie

Did you know that Boston cream pie is actually a cake? This delectable dessert, created in 1856 at the Parker House Hotel in Boston is usually filled with custard or cream and frosted with chocolate.


Texas State Food

Texas – State Dish: Chili

While there are many variations to this dish, there’s no denying that chili is one hearty meal. Whether made with meat or taken in a vegetarian direction, chili is great served with corn bread or as a side dish at a barbeque.

Don’t see your state food listed here? Think we should have highlighted another state food? Leave us a note in the comments section below and tell us your thoughts!

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