In this hour-long Lidia Celebrates America, Lidia travels from big cities to small pockets of rural America, both in person and virtually, to share the inspiring stories of a diverse group of resilient Americans who have overcome extraordinary odds in their own lives, found purpose in serving their communities, and turned their loss into inspiring accomplishments.


“These overcomers understand better than most that all of our futures are interconnected. Now more than ever, we need each other to survive and thrive.”
– Lidia Bastianich  

The Stories

  • A Restaurant without BarriersA Restaurant without Barriers Meet Yannick Benjamin, who was paralyzed in a car accident, and is not only determined to make a difference in the restaurant and wine business, but has made tremendous progress in achieving these goals. Continue
  • Kristen ThomasA Simple Wish for a Former Foster Child Kristen Thomas aged out of the foster care system and had a wish granted to her through the non-profit ‘One Simple Wish’. See how she ended up cooking with Lidia, and hear more of Kristen’s story.Continue
  • Maria and Marco PeñaLosing ‘Home’ Learn more about the story of Maria and Marco Peña, whose home was destroyed by the devastating flood waters associated with Hurricane Harvey, in 2017.Continue
  • Jarrett Adams Advocating for Justice Convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Jarrett Adams served nearly 10 years before being exonerated. Since getting out of prison his journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Continue
  • Harlem Grown gardensAn Oasis in New York City How did a deserted lot in Harlem become a thriving oasis, a safe-haven for under-served youth, a science classroom, and a springboard for more urban farms? Continue
  • Overcoming the Odds Final MealThe Grand Celebration: Overcoming The Odds View a gallery of photos and video that show Lidia preparing for, and enjoying, the celebratory meal for her special Overcoming The Odds. Continue

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