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Profile: Andrew Cote, Urban Beekeeper

Name: Andrew Coté
Theme: Urban Agriculture
Age: 30 plus
Occupation: Urban Beekeeper
Location: New York, NY
Favorite Food: Honey
Favorite Food Fact: There are over 258 types of bees in New York City

“It’s very hard for me to put into words the feeling I get when I work with bees because it makes me feel a connection to nature, it’s meditative for me to work with them.”

Rebel Story

As a child Andrew Coté had already set his mind to becoming a beekeeper. This decision was greatly influenced by his father, who introduced young Andrew to the trade of cultivating honey. Today Andrew has over 60 beehives on rooftops throughout three boroughs in New York City.

Q & A

What’s wrong with the way we eat today in the U.S?
Well, I think people are becoming more aware of where their food comes from, what they’re putting into their bodies and wanting to have smaller carbon footprint.

What can we do to make it right?
There’s an awful lot going on with urban agriculture and I’m almost blissfully unaware of most of it. I specialize in honey bees. I feel that I do an adequate job with them. I know that there are a lot more green roofs going up for urban farms. I know that there’s an awful lot going on with community gardens. And I’m glad to help provide pollination for them. I work with different rooftop farms, urban gardens, and I enjoy what they produce.

When did you start urban farming and why?
My father is a bee keeper, I learned with him. I always enjoyed spending time with him; I still do, more than ever. And as a very young man, I would accompany him. I was always intoxicated with the smell of him when he came home smelling of burlap and I wanted to be with him under any circumstance. So, we spent a lot of time together working with bees.

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