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Restaurants Featured in Breakfast Special 2: Revenge of the Omelets

“We never claim to have found the best breakfast spots,” said producer Rick Sebak, “just some really good ones where the early morning camaraderie is as important as the scrambled eggs. As in the first ‘Breakfast Special,’ we wanted to find places where you would feel justified if you had in stand in a line to get a seat.”

Sebak and his sizzling crew met and talked with lots of hungry Americans at these places:

The Post Road Diner

Norwalk, CT

Big Ed’s

Raleigh, NC

Square Café

The Pittsburgh neighborhood called Regent Square

Hot Metal Diner

West Mifflin, PA

Wentworth By The Sea Hotel & Spa

New Castle, NH

Carman’s Country Kitchen

South Philadelphia, PA

Connie & Barbara’s Soul Food Restaurant

Detroit, MI

Ken’s House Of Pancakes

Hilo, HI Website

Baker Tom’s Malasadas

Papaikou, HI Website

Hawaiian Style Café

Waimea, HI

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