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Sandwich Madness: Reuben Emerges Victorious

Championship: Reuben (52.49%) defeats Gyro (47.51%)

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Voting for Sandwich Madness 2012 has ended. Congratulations to Reuben, who defeated Gyro to win the Sandwich Championship! Tell us in the comments where you can find the best reuben.

Welcome to Sandwich Madness 2012! While many of you are busy filling out those other brackets, we’ve got a competition you can really devour. We want to find out what is the favorite sandwich of our users. Our selection committee narrowed the field to 16 classic sammys that represent a wide range of culinary “heroes.”

The sandwiches are divided into 4 regions (see our bracket). The winner of each region will meet at the Foodie Four to determine the people’s champion.

How it Works
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we will have a new matchup(s) of sandwiches available here on the PBS Food site. Come back and vote for your favorites and see if you can push them to our Championship Game. Voting will be open for 48 hours, starting at 10am.

Some notes: Burgers are not included. There were too many derivations of burgers, so we had to leave them out. These are not necessarily the best 16 sandwiches, but rather a sampling of different types of sandwiches. And yes, we had to take some liberties with placing sandwiches into the regions, but it had to all fit together.

We want to know what sandwiches we missed. With a field of only 16 sandwiches, we know we had to leave out some great ones. Tell us in the comments what we missed.


Championship Matchup:



The poster child for the New York City deli scene is the Reuben. Delicious corned beef, vinegary sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and sweet Russian dressing make this sandwich a real contender for the top prize.

This Mediterranean marvel of a sandwich uses such unique ingredients, like lamb and tzatziki sauce, not found anywhere else on our list. Though the name for this sandwich has a few different pronunciations, one thing is certain – the gyro is a force to be reckoned with in this match.

Reuben (52.49%) defeats Gyro (47.51%)

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Previous Results

Foodie Four

Gyro (65.36%) defeats Po Boy (34.64%)

Reuben (51.31%) defeats Grilled Cheese (48.69%)

Second Round

Gyro (68.23%) defeats Cuban (31.77%)

Grilled Cheese (63.26%) defeats Falafel (36.74%)

Reuben (53.84%) defeats Cheesesteak (46.16%)

Po Boy (55.39%) defeats Crab Cake (44.61%)

First Round

Cheesesteak (65.66%) defeats Meatball Sub (34.34%)

Crab Cake (60.61%) defeats Tuna Melt (39.39%)

Gyro (62.26%) defeats Italian Sub (37.74%)

Falafel (57.14%) defeats Caprese (42.86%)

Reuben (51.05%) defeats Pulled Pork (48.95%)

Po Boy (53.93%) defeats Lobster Roll (46.07%)

Grilled Cheese (77.37%) defeats Peanut Butter & Jelly (22.63%)

Cuban (60.15%) defeats Banh Mi (39.85%)

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