Which State Fair Food Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

Spending an evening at your county or state fair is a Summertime American tradition. With the agricultural exhibits and Midway rides come a variety of nostalgic fair food like cotton candy, corn dogs, and caramel apples that we have come to know and love. Throughout the years, fair food has evolved into something a little more outrageous than your typical funnel cake.

(See some photos from a PBS Food trip to the fair here.)

Here are a few state fairs throughout the U.S. and a sampling of the wacky foods they offer. Share your favorite crazy fair concoctions in the comments section below!

State Fair Foods

  1. Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll–Texas State Fair (photo courtesy Texas State Fair)
  2. Craz-E Burger–a bacon cheeseburger sandwiched between two halves of a glazed donut–Eastern State Exposition (photo courtesy The Big E)
  3. Fried Jambalaya–Texas State Fair (photo courtesy Texas State Fair)
  4. Rib Shack Cowboy–Iowa State Fair (photo courtesy Iowa State Fair)
  5. Wine Glazed Deep Fried Meatloaf–Minnesota State Fair (photo courtesy Minnesota State Fair)
  6. Fried Pickles n’ Chocolate–Minnesota State Fair (photo courtesy Minnesota State Fair)
  7. Original Cream Puff–Wisconsin State Fair (photo courtesy Wisconsin State Fair)