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The Lexicon of Sustainability: Forage

Our earliest descendants were hunter/gatherers who foraged for their food, were in tune with their surroundings, and ate with the seasons. After foraging was essentially replaced by agriculture, people became increasingly detached from where their food came from. Foraging offers people a way to reconnect with nature and shows that food is all around us. [ Explore all the terms. ]

Featured in the Film

Wild Harvest“Wild Harvest”
Tyler Gray
This lifelong forager turned his passion into a business specialized in providing chefs around the U.S. with rare foraged edibles.
Mikuni Wild Harvest
Vancouver, BC

Fallen Fruit“Fallen Fruit”
David Burns and Austin Young
Along with their partner, Matias Viegener, this collective has mapped the locations of fruit across Los Angeles, inspiring similar projects around the globe.
Fallen Fruit Collective
Los Angeles, CA

Eating in Season“Eating in Season”
Iso Rabins
The leader of a San Francisco collective which forages edible plants across the city, often making discoveries in the most unlikely places.
Forage SF
San Francisco, CA

Running Squirrel
This Cherokee Indian learned to forage from his mother, who taught him to watch how and what animals eat and to always leave something for whomever comes after.
Near Dougan Falls
Skamania County, WA

Film Credits
Produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
Directed, Photographed and Written by Douglas Gayeton
Edited and Animated by Evan Andrews
Music by Rumplefarm and Kevin MacLeod (

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