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The Lexicon of Sustainability: The Story of an Egg

Can learning the meaning of a single term actually help change the food system?

David Evans and Alexis Koefoed think so. These poultry farmers explain the real story behind such terms as “cage free,” “free range,” and “pasture raised” so that consumers can make informed decisions when they go to their local supermarket. [ Explore all the terms. ]

Featured in the Film

David Evans“Pasture Management”
David Evans
A third generation farmer in West Marin County, David raises pastured poultry and grassfed beef for customers across the entire San Francisco Bay Area.
Marin Sun Farms
Inverness, CA

Aleixs Koefoed“Pasture Raised vs. Cage Free”
Alexis Koefoed
Soul Food Farm
Vacaville, CA

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Produced by Laura Howard-Gayeton
Directed, Photographed and Written by Douglas Gayeton
Edited and Animated by Pier Giorgio Provenzano
Music by Rumplefarm and Kevin MacLeod (

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