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This Month’s Best New Cookbooks: June 2012

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Every month PBS Food highlights five food and cookbooks that will be released during the month. In June, our friend Alice Currah releases her first cookbook. Alice is a food blogger who writes for PBS Parents’ food blog, Kitchen Explorers. We also discovered some other cookbooks that looked too good to not have them grace our bookshelves this month.

Check Out the Cookbooks and Others on Our List

Savory Sweet LifeSavory Sweet Life by Alice Currah Available: June 5th Alice Currah, whose popular food blog,, attracts half a million page views every month now combines warm, personal stories, helpful advice and time-saving tips, and real-life food for those together times that the whole family will love– whether it’s Pulled Pork Tacos and Chocolate Chip Cookies on family game night or Creamy Tomato Soup with Grilled Garlic Cheese Sandwiches and Spiced Gingersnap Cookies on an unexpected snow day. Buy “Savory Sweet Life” from ShopPBS
Dinner: A Love StoryDinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach Available: June 5th Jenny Rosenstrach, and her husband, Andy, regularly, some might say pathologically, cook dinner for their family every night. Even when they work long days. Even when their kids’ schedules pull them in eighteen different directions. They are not superhuman. They are not from another planet. With simple strategies and common sense, Jenny figured out how to break down dinner–the food, the timing, the anxiety, from prep to cleanup–so that her family could enjoy good food, time to unwind, and simply be together. Buy “Dinner: A Love Story” from ShopPBS
Cooking from the Farmers' MarketCooking from the Farmers’ Market by Williams Sonoma Cooking Available: June 15th Williams-Sonoma Cooking from the Farmers’ Market will show you how easy and satisfying it is to practice “farm-to-table cooking” in your own home. Recipes span all courses of a meal from mouthwatering appetizers such as crisp bruschetta with spicy broccoli rabe; starters such as lemony mixed bean salad or creamy cauliflower soup; main dishes like decadent tomato and mozzarella tart or juicy pork tenderloin topped with tangy rhubarb chutney; and to end the meal, tender cornmeal shortcake piled with fragrant strawberries or luscious sour cherry pie. Buy “Cooking from the Farmers’ Market” from ShopPBS
Not So Humble PiesNot-So-Humble Pies by Kelly Jaggers Available: June 18th Forget apples and blueberries. Today’s trendy ingredients are unique, modern, and indulgent–and now you can find them in the pie plate in your kitchen! With more than 100 sweet and savory pie recipes–and extra recipes for crusts and toppings–Not-So-Humble Pies uses these fresh flavors to turn a simple dessert into something deliciously sophisticated. Buy “Not-So-Humble Pies” from ShopPBS
An Everlasting MealAn Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler Available: June 19th Reviving the inspiring message of M. F. K. Fisher’s How to Cook a Wolf– written in 1942 during wartime shortages–An Everlasting Meal shows that cooking is the path to better eating. Through the insightful essays in An Everlasting Meal, Tamar Adler issues a rallying cry to home cooks. By wresting cooking from doctrine and doldrums, Tamar encourages readers to begin from wherever they are, with whatever they have. An Everlasting Meal is elegant testimony to the value of cooking and an empowering, indispensable tool for eaters today. Buy “An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace” from ShopPBS

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