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Host a Vegetarian Barbecue This Summer!

By Laura Theodore, the Jazzy Vegetarian

Memorial Day is often associated with hotdogs and hamburgers, but vegetarians do not have to miss out on all the holiday fun. Laura Theodore, host of The Jazzy Vegetarian, shows you can host your own vegetarian-friendly barbecue throughout the summer.

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It’s BBQ time! This time of year the fresh tastes of summer are beautifully showcased in this easy, breezy and delicious barbeque menu. Whether you are grilling outdoors or cooking up a ‘BBQ style’ meal in your kitchen, this menu evokes the flavors of classic grilling recipes.
This jazzy shish kebab will satisfy vegans and meat-eaters alike.
I like to build the bill of fare for a Summer BBQ around foods found at my local farmers’ market. If firing up the grill is part of your summertime fun, consider grilling with propane, natural gas, or non-toxic natural charcoal, rather than burning with wood or petroleum based charcoal.
Carrot Salad
This delectable salad is both crunchy and sweet, making an ideal compliment to your BBQ menu.
Since we “eat first with our eyes” I like to cover my simple summer party table with a washable fabric tablecloth decorated in a colorful floral pattern. I set the table with re-usable dishware that can be washed, rather than depending upon the disposable variety.
Here’s a treat that will surely satisfy your summer sweet tooth.
The center of my festive table often features a large bunch of basil, placed in a pretty vase, that I have picked from my garden or purchased at my local farmers’ market. I then like to place several re-chargeable or battery-based votive candles around the table, to add a touch of elegance. So, this summer, your BBQ can be healthy, easy-to-prepare and eco-friendly, but most of all, Jazzylicious!

Meet Laura Theodore

Learn more about Laura Theodore Laura Theodore is the Jazzy Vegetarian, which can be seen on many PBS stations. The show focuses on vegan cooking featuring quick and easy recipes and tips that will make adding healthier choices into your everyday lifestyle a breeze!

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