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Meet Marc Matsumoto – Blogger and Food Enthusiast

Marc Matsumoto, blogger for Fresh Tastes
Marc Matsumoto

My food philosophy is that with good ingredients, a little technique and a dash of inspiration, anyone can make simple, delicious, nutritious food. That’s why I started my blog No Recipes, where I write about my inspirations and give insight into the techniques I used to make a dish.

Food for me has been a life-long journey of exploration and discovery. It’s not just a form of sustenance, or even just a form of pleasure; food bridges gaps and brings people closer together. That’s why I recently left a career in marketing to make food, eat it, and share the experience with the world. Put simply, food is my life, and always has been.

As with most kids, I learned to cook from my mother, who taught Japanese cooking lessons out of our apartment. While I always credit her as my only cooking teacher, it was PBS who opened my eyes to the world of cuisine outside our little flat in San Francisco. Along with Sesame Street and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood I whiled away my childhood summer vacations watching Jeff Smith, Martin Yan and Jacques Pepin.

Fast-forward almost thirty years and a lot has changed: I’ve gone through three careers, cable television now offers a wide spread of food programing, and I’ve stopped watching Sesame Street (shhh… don’t tell Cookie Monster). Still, the more things change, the more things stay the same. I’m still obsessed with food, and PBS still has some of the best food programming on air.

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When PBS asked me to write for Fresh Tastes, I was not only thrilled about the opportunity from a professional perspective, I was giddy at the thought of producing content for the network that took me away to distant lands though food. Together with Jenna Weber from Eat, Live Run, I’m looking forward to passing on that gift by bringing you fresh tastes from around the world.

Marc Matsumoto is the food blogger behind Fresh TastesMarc Matsumoto is a culinary consultant and recipe repairman who shares his passion for good food through his website For Marc, food is a life long journey of exploration, discovery and experimentation and he shares his escapades through his blog in the hopes that he inspires others to find their own culinary adventures. Marc’s been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, and has made multiple appearances on NPR and the Food Network.

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