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Hanukkah Recipes, History and More

Welcome to the Ultimate Hanukkah Guide! PBS wants to help you and your family celebrate the festival of lights for all eight nights. Below you will find delicious Jewish recipes, stories of Hanukkah from across America, and suggestions for celebrating the holiday with children.

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  • Hanukkah Recipes Hanukkah Recipes
    Find great Jewish recipes for every night of Hanukkah including various types of latkes, brisket, and many others. Continue
  • Hanukkah Recipes Jewish Recipes
    From latkes to rugelach, Tori Avey of The Shiksa food blog shares great Hanukkah recipes including leftover ideas. Continue

PBS Personalities Share Hanukkah Memories

  • Mark L. Walberg Mark L. Walberg
    Antiques Roadshow host Mark L. Walberg shares his experiences growing up celebrating Hanukkah in South Carolina. Continue
  • Joan Nathan Joan Nathan
    Jewish cookbook author Joan Nathan recalls a special Hanukkah when her family traveled to Jerusalem to celebrate the festival of lights. Continue

All About Latkes

  • History of Latkes History of Latkes
    Jewish food blogger Tori Avey of “The Shiksa” shares the story of dairy foods during Hannukah as well as her own cheese latkes recipe. Continue
  • Homemade Latkes Homemade Latkes Tips
    Follow these five tips for making homemade latkes that are fluffy for Hanukkah or anytime of year. Get a potato latkes recipe as well. Continue

Related Content

  • NewsHour Hanukkah Stories Hanukkah Stories Across America
    PBS NewsHour has gathered some of the stories about Hanukkah from public media outlets around the nation. Continue
  • Need to Know Hanukkah Menorah The Real History of Hanukkah
    Need to Know shares a different take on the evolution on Hanukkah traditions. There is much ado about Maccabees in the story of the holiday, but the tale has some twists you might not know. Continue
  • PBS Parents Hanukkah Books Find Hanukkah Books for Kids
    With visions of toys and games dancing in their heads, it’s easy for children to miss the real significance of the holidays. PBS Parents can help you find quality children’s books to share the story of Hanukkah with your child. Continue
  • Hanukkah Lamps Hanukkah Lamps
    Religion and Ethics Newsweekly uncovers how the rabbis going back to Maimonides and earlier felt that the lights of the Hanukkah lamp were sacred,” and if you couldn’’t afford a gold or silver lamp “you could use an egg shell, or a nut shell, or a potato carved out. Continue


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