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Five Minutes with Julia Child

By Sam Goldman, The StillRoom

In 1994 I was Executive Chef with M. Fahrer Caterers in New York and we were catering the first anniversary of the Food Channel. Their TV chefs were too busy to actually cook, so we were provided with recipes from each of the hosts. It was a tough day, as the TV chefs tasted our version of their recipes and muttered various insults and complaints. (Of course they’d probably all left out one ingredient; I’d do the same thing today!)

I was carrying out 6 racks of lamb (the baby ones) when I heard a very unmistakable voice above say above the party din, ‘Young man, please bring that here.’ I turned and followed orders. Julia Child suggested that I pull up a chair, and we chatted for no more than five minutes. During that time, she polished off every one of those little lamb chops, cleaned the bones, it looked like an archeological dig when she was done. I distinctly remember she told me that she found the lamb delicious and perfectly cooked. She also mentioned that she adored Dan Aykroyd’s bit on Saturday Night Live. I remain ever grateful for that encounter.

Sitting here in my office, I look up on my bookshelf and there is a 44 year old copy of ‘The French Chef Cookbook’ and her magnum opus, ‘The Way To Cook’. I refer to them often.

About Sam Goldman

In the 1970s, up-and-coming young New York City chefs Anthony Bordain and Sam Goldman saw the future. They knew top chefs were the next celebrities and set about New York as if they already were, forming the culinary “rock star” group Kitchen Confidential, later the title of Bordain’s best-selling book. And now, after nearly a decade out of the kitchen, Goldman is pulling out his knives and buttoning up his chef’s coat as he comes to Los Angeles to open The StillRoom Seafood Restaurant and Lounge. For more, visit The StillRoom website.

About Julia Child Restaurant Week

Julia Child Restaurant week features more than 100 restaurants across the country and honors the contributions and legacy of Ms. Child. Events will kick off on August 7 and run through her 100th birthday on August 15. Each restaurant will feature special menus or events inspired by the 100 most beloved Julia Child recipes. To learn more and see what restaurants are participating near you, visit:

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