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Godmother of American Cooking

By Sandra Lee

Julia Child was the quintessential master chef, she is the Godmother of American cooking, and she certainly is an icon, but what I truly love most about her was her warmth and generosity of spirit. Her unabashed respect for her audience and her guests was the one of the hallmarks of her shows and a sign of her deep character and intellect. When guests cooked with Julia Child, they were in the presence of greatness, but instead of resting on her laurels, her open curiosity, love for food and passion for cooking was the star. She was perfect. She was extraordinary. She was a gift. Happy Birthday, Julia.

Sandra Lee

CookForJulia-LeeSandra Lee is a multi-Emmy award-winner and internationally-acclaimed expert in all things kitchen and home. Sandra Lee has predicted and changed the trajectory of American lifestyle with her signature “smart and simple” philosophy. She empowers people of all walks of life to create memorable meals, hospitable homes, and creative crafts and shows them how to entertain for every occasion?with ease. Sandra is the host of Sandra’s Money Saving Meals and Semi-Homemade Cooking.

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