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Julia Child and The Galloping Gourmet

PBS Food asks Chef Graham Kerr, from television’s The Galloping Gourmet, about his time with Julia Child on the show, “Cooking In Concert.” In the midst of the Julia Child 100th Birthday Celebration, Kerr pays tribute to her legacy.

What was it like working with Julia Child?

Julia was marvelously unpredictable, her mind worked at twice the speed of her voice and body. I once said, after tasting a rather cayenne loaded spoonful of her sauce that “as an Englishman I feel I have just been violated”. She shot back instantly, ” really…I wouldn’t have thought it was that easy!”

What do you believe is Julia Child’s lasting legacy?

Julia’s legacy will be her inclusiveness, she did not agree with the direction I had taken and yet she was wonderfully supportive and willing to share real time to listen and include her thoughts within her busy life. I truly miss our times together.

What was the impact of appearing on “Cooking in Concert?”

I find that a great many people remember Julia and I as the ones who started the TV cooking experience (surely it was James Beard), but I got a great many people telling me that just seeing us together on screen enjoying each other’s company was, for them, a delight!

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About Graham Kerr

Graham 2Graham Kerr is an internationally known culinary and television personality, award-winning author, and master of metaphorical speaking. His focus is on serving people who want to make healthy, creative, lifestyle changes and to increase their consumption of fresh, local edible plants and seafood. His life goal is “to help to convert habits that harm into resources that heal both for ourselves and others in need.”

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