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Julia Taught Me to Live With Abandon

By Kate Selner, Kate in the Kitchen

Julia Child lived with an abandon that was palpable, a passion that shined. She never apologized for mistakes, in the kitchen or not, and was open to trying everything that came her way. She found joy in the simple slicing of an onion and didn’t allow set-backs to derail her. If something came out poorly in her cooking, she simply set it out and didn’t try to rationalize the error.

In my life, I want that sense of adventure and excitement. To dip my fork in a simple plate of food and be transformed. To know that I did my best, even when the outcome was less than I’d hoped. To pick up the chicken dropped on the floor, and keep moving forward. Life’s little slip-ups should never steal the thunder of the passion found in living with an open mind, and palate. And even when I’m dissatisfied with something I make, to someone else it’s perfect and I should never have to apologize for that. Julia’s life, lived with her consummate joie de vivre, simmers inside me and urges me to do the same. Taste everything. Embrace everyone. Laugh loudly. Love deeply. Enjoy the wine. Never apologize.

About Kate Selner

Ever since I first turned on the stove at the age of 7, I’ve been at my happiest in the kitchen, surrounded by food, feeding the people I love. From the canned cream soups and packaged foods of my youth, to adapting our meals for health and well-being, my food journey has been driven by a passion for exploration and the enjoyment of simple, delicious food. I live in Minnesota with my husband and son, and also love gardening, reading, the great outdoors, photography and the occasional martini.

You can find Kate at her website Kate in the Kitchen, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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