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Bacon Avocado and Corn Salad

absolutely-avocado-cookbookPopular food blogger and celebrity chef to the stars Gaby Dalkin recently published Absolutely Avocados (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, April 2013). Her cookbook features 80 delicious avocado recipes your family and friends will enjoy. Today I have the privilege to share with you one of her fabulous cookbook recipes as well as a short interview with Gaby.

Alice: Avocados are known to be an excellent source of healthy dietary fat. Are there other health benefits to eating more avocados in our diet?

Gaby: Yes! Avocados are loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals and they have more potassium than a banana! Plus all these things are great for your hair and your skin.

Alice: Most of the time when you buy avocados from the store, they are not ripe. When can you tell if an avocado is ripe?

Gaby: If you are buying the Hass variety (usually the only variety they carry in all stores) you can look for 2 different things. First is color. When a Hass avocado is bright green, it’s too hard. When a Hass avocado is deep purple it’s too ripe. But somewhere inbetween those colors is just right. You also want the avocado to have just the slightest bit of give when you gently squeeze it. If it’s too mushy, don’t bother as it’s over-ripe. I typically buy the avocados that are bright green and rock hard and then let them ripen at home. If I need them to ripen even faster, I’ll put them in a brown bag with a banana. Some of the natural gas that the banana emits will help to ripen the avocados.

Alice: I know you are a personal chef to many A-List Hollywood celebrities. Can you tell us some of their favorite avocado recipes you prepare for them from your book?

Gaby: Funny you should ask! This bacon avocado and corn salad is one of my clients favorites! They also love any of the guacamoles! Living in LA means we are lucky enough to get pretty amazing avocados year round… so I’m constantly whipping up some guacamole for dinner parties at my clients homes!

Alice: Thanks Gaby!

To learn more about Gaby or to order her book, please visit her website at

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