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Baked Sweet Potatoes


Baked potatoes are so much fun because we each get to enjoy our own little side dish, meal or snack in an edible pocket, and we can mash and fill them as we desire. For regular baked potatoes I like to split mine open, mash it a bit, and drizzle it with olive oil and then top it with lots of chunky salsa. Celia likes hers with sour cream and cheddar cheese, and Solomon is more traditional with just a little butter on his.

Baked sweet potatoes and have natural sweetness and creaminess that tastes so indulgent for such a healthy root vegetable. We like to enhance their natural sweet creaminess by mashing in a little bit of butter and pure maple syrup. I always bake extra potatoes so we can enjoy them for lunches or snacks later in the week.

How do you like your baked potatoes? What are your favorite toppings? Do tell!

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