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Blueberry Cream Scones


Coffee shop owners are smart and understand the power of impulse buying.  Why else would they merchandise their baked goods in a beautiful clear case like a gorgeous summer outfit scene displayed in a department store window?  Every time I walk by my eyes fixate on the different varieties of cookies, beautifully decorated cupcakes, seasonal pies, and other quintessential coffee shop baked goods. Most of the time I never intend on buying a little treat for myself but every once in a while I give into temptation.

My favorite baked goods are the ones I bake the least at home and have a nostalgic quality to them.  Between a nice slice of banana bread or blueberry scone, I always choose the scone.  Perhaps it’s the tender crumb that is neither cakey nor dried out like biscotti. Instead, a good scone has all the qualities of a perfect biscuit that is tender and crumbles just enough with each bite but remains mostly intact.  However, blueberry scones take regular scones to the next level of deep satisfaction.  Studded generously with ripe dark berries, when baked the blueberries become bursts of sweet berry flavor without the scones needing any additional butter, honey, or jam.  A good scone should be served naked accompanied by a great cup of coffee or tea.  No obscene amount of glazes needed.

Today I have a classic Blueberry Cream Scone recipe for you bringing the coffee house experience to your home.  Best enjoyed in silence, no impulse buying necessary.  Enjoy every bite.

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