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Crispy Chicken Thighs and Lemon Artichoke Beans


I sent a simple text to my friends Julie and Josh today: “Can we bring you dinner?” Knowing all of their belongings were still in boxes Julie responded, “Are you serious?”  Our good friends just moved into our neighborhood yesterday. I know from experience that take-out pizza and fast-food can get old quickly when all you want to do is unpack, settle in and make a new house, home.  Through text to telephone, Julie told me her plates and silverware were still in boxes, and they would love a home-cooked dinner. I told her it was no problem; I would get some paper plates, napkins, and utensils.

My dog, Phoebe, sounded the ‘someone is at the door’ alarm with her little Chihuahua bark, and seconds later I saw Josh walking into our kitchen. I asked how the unpacking was coming. The excitement of being in their new home was evident, but Josh was also excited about what he smelled.  An hour later, I got a text from him thanking us for welcoming them into the neighborhood. In a day and age where technology is the main form of communication between people, technology doesn’t make home cooked meals for others.  That still requires loved ones and friends, which can never be replaced with technology.

Today I have a recipe for Crispy Chicken Thighs and Lemon Artichoke Beans.  Served with a side of any green vegetable, this dinner is comforting and full of bright flavors and textures. The crispy fried (then baked) seasoned chicken skin provides a beautiful and delicious outer layer to the tender, flavorful thigh meat.  The beans, soaked with flavors of the artichoke lemon sauce, makes this dish anything but boring, and completely satisfying.  This meal can be prepared in 30 minutes and is perfect for making a little extra to share with another family that could use a break from a night of cooking.

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