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Frankenpops: Video

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Dressing up in costume, eating tons of candy, and celebrating Halloween is what every child looks forward to this time of year.  Already parents are scouring the internet for Halloween DIY costumes, recipes, activities, and craft ideas to facilitate a fun and safe time to be had by all.  Today I’m sharing a super-duper easy recipe for Frankenpops which also can double as a fun party activity.  Made with colored candy coating melts, marshmallows, and lollipop sticks, these spooktacular pops can be made rather quickly.  Kids of all ages will have fun exercising their creativity in making each Frankenpop unique and special.  Although I’ve added photos to this post to help you visualize this project from start to finish, I have something even better than photos.  Today we have a new Kitchen Explorers webisode featuring these Halloween inspired marshmallow pops which goes into greater detail about the process and hopefully inspires you to add this recipe/activity to your Halloween festivities.

My lovely nieces joined us for filming and did a fantastic job in making each Frankenpop come to life with silly facial expressions and unique hair styles.  In the video my husband, the rain coat wearing skeletor, particularly loved seeing his wife with long wavy hair.  Too bad I love short hair.

I hope you enjoy the video and feel inspired to make these easy Frankenpops.  If my husband and 5 year old son can make these, anyone can. Thanks to my friend Patty F. for lending us so many fabulous Halloween props!

Lastly if you missed our PBS Halloween Google Hangout yesterday with great Halloween costume, food, craft, and activity ideas, you can watch the conversation here.














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