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Ginger Garlic Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Tofu

Growing up, most of the dishes Mom prepared for us were not from recipes, cookbooks, or cooking shows. Instead, Mom would look in the refrigerator to see what she had on hand. When my dad’s vegetables were in season, she also used them for cooking. No two dishes were ever alike but they were always delicious. Most of the meals she made for us were dishes you would never see on any Asian restaurant menu. But I still loved her cooking. When my parents were struggling financially, Mom had a magical way of even making rice soup (rice and water) comforting. I will always be grateful to my mom for teaching me how to be resourceful with food, to not waste, and to cook creatively.

As I was struggling with what to make for dinner tonight I thought about my parents – his resourcefulness and her creativity. With the refrigerator doors opened I pulled out a container of tofu and a bag of Brussels sprouts – not a common pairing.

I’ve always been able to think outside the box. Tonight’s dinner was inspired by trusting my intuition and setting aside predispositions about foods, which should or should not go together. Tonight I cooked as if Dad was with us, being careful not to waste.
Surprisingly, it only took about a minute to know how I was going to cook the Brussels sprouts and tofu. I went with my gut and I was rewarded with a fantastic new dish I plan on making again soon.

This Ginger Garlic Brussels Sprouts and Tofu dish is Asian inspired with the perfect blend of bold flavors. This is the kind discovery I love to cook and share with others. It’s not so much about creating the most impressive dishes. Instead, it’s about doing the best I can for my family, nourishing their bodies with good food, and hopefully inspiring creativity in the kitchen for others.

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