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Grilled Beef with Sweet Cilantro Chili Sauce


Our kitchen is currently a construction site. My pantry is disassembled with all the food stored away in boxes and the only things I have are my spices, refrigerator, and stove. We’ve been living in and out of a nearby hotel when crews have been at our house since a flooding accident happened in our kitchen while we were on vacation. For the days we’ve been able to sleep at home I’ve felt out of sorts not being able to really cook or have access to my things.

This is been challenging because it has forced us to either eat out or eat very simply at home. With our current situation I’ve only been buying what we need for the day. This has forced me to be more thoughtful about what I make without wasting or saving to eat later. If I buy ingredients, they will have to be used that day. Our meals at home have been cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and any sort of meat I can grill along with steamed vegetables. However, all is not lost.

Sometimes I think the joy of cooking can be sucked out of a person when it becomes routine. With this crazy flooding happening to my kitchen and keeping me away from it I’ve rediscovered how cooking at home can be comforting especially in times of chaos. Even my kids are tired of eating out. It has also motivated me to be more creative because I’m determined to make a family meal happen.

Today I’m sharing a recipe for Grilled Beef with Sweet Cilantro Chili Sauce. This is a recipe I developed out of the craziness happening right now. It is absolutely delicious, beautiful, and special. Choosing London Broil, a very inexpensive lean cut of beef, I was able to grill it to nearly prime rib tenderness. The trick to making this cut of beef tender is to cook it between medium to medium rare. Cutting the beef across the grain in thin slices will give you tender pieces of beef every time. You want to make sure you season it well with kosher salt and pepper before grilling. If you like your steak cooked well done, this is not the right cut of beef for you.

The sauce I made for this steak pairs so well with it. Slightly sweet, tangy, with a touch of heat, this just might become your new favorite way to grill steak – and impress your family.


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