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Hostess Gifts and Cranberry Sauce

With the holiday season here and Thanksgiving day a week away, many of us will be invited to a dinner or gathering with friends and family – perhaps even staying through the weekend.    A hostess gift is a considerate way to acknowledge appreciation for all the work, time, and effort a hostess spends on being hospitable.

Arriving to a dinner party with a gift is a wonderful gesture and way to teach our children to be appreciative towards those who show kindness and open up their homes.  The gift itself doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate –just thoughtful.  Homemade food such as cookies, candy, caramel corn, chutney, fudge, jam, flavored olive oils, and (home) canned sauces make great hostess gifts because they are made with caring hands and cannot be purchased off the store shelf.

Kids can also contribute to a hostess gift by either helping in the kitchen or making homemade cards and gift tags to attach to the gift itself.  I’m always amazed by how creative my daughters can be when I give them some card stock, markers, glue, glitter, and other craft supplies.  In my opinion, their cards are more valuable than the hostess gift itself.

As a person who has received many hostess gifts over the years, I always appreciate the kindness it represents.  Regardless of the gift, it really is the thought that counts!

Here’s a recipe for homemade cranberry sauce I often make and bring as hostess gifts at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is always well received and so easy to make.

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