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How to Make Egg Salad Sandwiches

I’ll be honest with you, I love being a witness to the mass hysteria of searching for brightly colored eggs in an annual tradition known as “The Easter Egg Hunt.”  My kids leave no stone unturned as they run around as quickly as they can to gather as many eggs as possible.  It has become like a sport with me (the spectator) and my kids (the players).  I find myself living vicariously through them remember my own relentless pursuit from my own childhood searching for the most eggs possible.

Once all the eggs have collected and separated from the plastic ones my egg dilemma begins.  Searching for eggs might be considered fun, but throwing them away is a major ‘no-no’ in my book.  Wasting perfectly good food is never an option. 

Fortunately, in our home boiled eggs are not a once a year type of snack.  In fact, we usually have a couple on hand in our refrigerator to use with a recipe like a Cobb salad, or to eat as a snack on the way to swim practice.  Boiled eggs are also used as a main ingredient for egg salad sandwiches – one of my favorites.

With Easter just days away, I would like to share my basic and simple recipe for egg salad.  Assuming the eggs are already boiled, this recipe becomes a cinch to pull together quickly using ingredients you have in your kitchen.  Enjoy!

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