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Lemon Cream Sauce Pasta with Peas

What is it about Mondays that often leaves me feeling exhausted from the moment I wake up until my head is resting on a pillow by the end of the night?  Perhaps it’s because I’m still recovering from a weekend of staying up late and enjoying the last few weekends of summer before school starts.  Many Mondays are spent at the grocery store stocking up on groceries for the week, but sometimes life gets in the way, and I am left with cooking from what I already have.

When this happens, our dinners usually end up being some sort of pasta or rice dish.  Keeping it fast and simple is my motto when it comes to summer weeknight cooking.  Tonight is no exception.

As much as I love a good marinara sauce for pasta, during the summer months my family and I prefer a lighter sauce using fresh herbs and vegetables.  Although this dish I’m about to share with you uses frozen peas, the fresh basil and the local ripe cherry tomatoes in this recipe makes this dish seasonal while incorporating items you probably have in your refrigerator and pantry.

As a side note, if you participate in Meatless Mondays, a movement which advocates not eating meat once a week, this recipe has you covered. Enjoy!

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