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Nectarine Tangerine Banana Smoothie


Are parents feeding their children smoothies that are masquerading as gloried fruit slushies?  Believe it or not, most smoothies purchased in fast-food restaurants, smoothie juice bars, espresso cafes are generally unhealthy.  Loaded with excess sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, and other preservatives many of these smoothies are made from a concentrated base only requiring ice before blending into a sweet fruity cold beverage.  Parents are deceived into thinking these drinks are healthy because they may contain a small percentage of actual fruit.

Today I have a recipe for a real fruit smoothie made with whole pieces of fruit and almond milk.  This Nectarine Tangerine Banana smoothie is not like the smoothies you order from the chain store juice bar.  Instead, this healthy smoothie is all natural, flavor packed, and a nice refreshing change from what people are used to.


Made with ripe whole pieces of fruit, this smoothie is a nice pick-me-up snack beverage you can feel good about with every sip.  Depending on how naturally sweet each piece of fruit is, limited additional honey or other sweeteners can be used but should be kept to an absolute minimum.  Although the texture of this smoothie is not like an icy slushy, this fruit packed beverage tastes great.

Happy Spring!

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