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One Hour Barbecue Ribs


There are many paths to barbecue glory, but if I had to choose between quick and tasty or low and slow, I would definitely pick the most accelerated method there is if the outcome is the same.  For most barbecue enthusiasts the art of barbecuing requires several hours and, above all, care.  However, for home cooks who appreciate fast and tasty without sacrificing flavor and quality, cooking hacks are our ace in the hole.  As long as there are happy bellies, those saved hours are hours we can use elsewhere.


Today I am sharing my tried and true barbecue ribs recipe.  Traditional barbecue ribs usually take several hours from start to finish.  But this cooking hack reduces that time to less than 60 minutes for tender, finger-licking good barbecue ribs.  Using a pressure cooker to cook the ribs in 35 minutes, I finish them off under the broiler for an additional 12-15 minutes to get that nice caramelization from the sauce and beautiful spotted char on the ribs.  Using your favorite barbecue sauce makes these ribs a crowd favorite, and the results are just as good as the ribs traditionally cooked for hours with low heat.

If you’re looking for a great Father’s Day meal to make this weekend, these ribs will be perfect without having to spend all afternoon on them.  Barbecue glory in under an hour is the best kind of barbecue there is! Enjoy!



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