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Sautéed Green Beans with Lemon and Garlic: Video

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My mom taught me how to sauté green beans when I was in college, and I’ve never looked back. How could I when it involves fresh lemon peel, sliced. garlic, chicken broth, sea salt, and a little butter? It’s actually the way I cook all of my green veggies now.

And although the ingredients are simple, the flavor is anything but! Like their Dad, my sons stuff these things into their mouths (sometimes 8 at a time)! They look like cookie monster if cookie monster was also a veggie vacuum. Seriously though, these green beans are good. The key is the chicken broth. It steams the green beans a little while adding a world of flavor. Adding butter adds another layer of flavor, although it’s optional if you’re looking for an even lighter version.

I like to taste the beans while I’m cooking them to make sure they don’t get too soggy — we love a good crunch! Tasting as you go also helps to get the seasoning just right. If you plate them about a minute before they’re fully done, by the time they are eaten, it’s perfection.

I live for easy, tasty, and beautiful recipes like this one. But remember not to sell your greens too short! This side dish also has an elegant simplicity, making it perfect for special occasions and holidays. No matter how (or when) you plate them. Bon appétit!


You can find more of Patricia’s recipes on her YouTube channel, Farm to Table Family. The video series focuses on bringing the family together through healthy, tasty and beautiful foods. The recipes are modern takes on traditional favorites inspired by the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. Patricia is also the founder of Farm to Table Baby Mama, a site that provides babies and children with delicious foods that are fresh, tasty, organic and made with love.

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