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Savory Spice-Rubbed Strip Steak

Grilled Steak MojitoWe don’t eat red meat too often, but I can’t get through summer without grilling steak for my family at least once. I like to put some vegetables on the grill with the steak so I can cook everything at once and don’t have to heat up the kitchen.

Try grilling the steak alongside some corn or asparagus or some grilled broccoli.

A fabulous spice rub can really liven up the flavor of grilled meats. We find the flavors in this one so appealing that we don’t need to dip the steak in any sauce, though some kids may prefer it with ketchup or steak sauce.

Tip: To get beautiful grill marks on your meat, don’t move it at all before flipping it. To get crosshatches, rotate the steak ¼ turn before flipping it.

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