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Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Basil

In the summer, I make this pasta sauce at least once a week. It’s fresh, tomatoe-y and vibrant, and the best part – it’s a cinch to make! This was the first recipe I learned when I started cooking in college. I was missing home, and my mom walked me through the steps over the phone. It’s still one of my favorite recipes. My boys LOVE this meal so much that they always end up dancing a little in their high chairs after the first bite. Really!! The tomatoes really are the star ingredient: make sure you buy the most flavorful ones you can, and after that everything will be a piece of cake….errr pasta.

You can find more of Patricia’s recipes on her YouTube channels, Farm to Table Family and Farm to Table Baby Mama, which focus on creating delicious food for babies and children. The recipes are modern takes on traditional favorites inspired by the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients.

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