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Strawberry Milkshakes and Other Homemade Frozen Desserts

One of our favorite family outings, especially in hot summer weather, is an after-dinner visit to one of our local ice cream shops. Andrew and the kids love treating themselves to thick and creamy milkshakes, while I prefer a scoop of mint chip ice cream in a sugar cone.

I don’t want to date myself, but I remember when my friends and I could get an ice cream cone for 15 cents at our local drugstore. Even back then, in the 80s, it seemed like a bargain. Now, taking the family out for ice cream and milkshakes can easily set us back $15 – $20, so it’s definitely a splurge. That’s why we usually scoop our own ice cream and make our own milkshakes and other frozen desserts, which can be accomplished for about 25 cents per person.

Since strawberries are readily available right now, you can treat your family to a delicious strawberry milkshake by adding fresh or frozen strawberries to the ice cream concoction. Here are some other delicious ideas from Alice’s and my earlier Kitchen Explorers posts, for more frozen treats that you can easily make at home:

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