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Tomato Watermelon Prosciutto Salad


No one wants to cook indoors when the thermometer reads above 80 degrees outside and 95 degrees inside. Turning on the oven or stove is a no-no, which is why salads are a great option.  However, salads can be predictable and boring, like the go to one-pot casserole dishes my family prefers I don’t make.

The key to building a great salad is finding ingredients that are both bold in flavors and textures, yet work well with others.  The salads I enjoy the most typically have different flavor profiles that you wouldn’t assume would pair well, but mixed together they taste phenomenal.  I love when people tell me, “I would never have thought of that, but I like it.”

Today’s salad recipe is both a little salty (prosciutto), sweet (watermelon), tangy (tomatoes and onions), and citrus infused acidic (fresh orange vinaigrette).  Individually these ingredients are okay.  Together, it’s a party on a plate. Best of all this beautiful, healthy, and colorful salad is easy to pull together.

The best summer recipes are the ones allowing you to enjoy seasonal ingredients at their peak. Watermelon and tomatoes are ingredients you would never guess go so well together but absolutely do, and they are both in their prime during the summer.



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