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Turkey or Chicken Pot Pie

I hate waste, don’t you? I was shocked to learn that Americans throw away 15 – 25% of their food. With the planet’s population now at 7 billion and growing rapidly, we are all going to need to do more with less, and use our resources very wisely, including using up all the food we buy before it wilts or rots.

After the Thanksgiving feast, I find that the side dishes disappear from the refrigerator a lot quicker than the roast turkey, which usually isn’t as flavorful on its own. Below is a fabulous recipe for using leftover turkey, Turkey Pot Pie.  This recipe is a favorite of many friends and subscribers to The Six O’Clock Scramble (one friend tells me her father begs her to make it when he visits).  It is easier, healthier and more vegetable-laden than a traditional pot pie, but it retains that nostalgic flavor.  For a meatless version, substitute cream of mushroom soup for the chicken soup and baked tofu for the turkey.

You’ll also love this healthy turkey and wild rice salad, another terrific way to use up leftover Thanksgiving foods before they go to waste.

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