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Blueberry French Toast Makes Brunch a Treat

Want to delight your houseguests? Make this Overnight Baked Blueberry French Toast for a special breakfast and they may never leave!

My sister and nephew are paying us a rare visit next week. Since they don’t get here much from California, I’m cooking up some treats to make the visit special for them and to let them know how much we appreciate them travelling here for the holidays.

Few things are lovelier than waking up to the smell of cinnamon, sugar and butter bubbling away in the oven, as when I bake this French Toast. To make the morning extra special, I’m going to fry up some turkey bacon, squeeze fresh orange juice, and brew hot coffee and tea.  I’ll have the kids set the table the night before so everything is ready when they wake up.

The beauty of this baked French toast is that you can get it all ready the night before, so you just need to assemble and bake it in the morning. I got this recipe many years ago from a parent at my son’s school, and I wish I knew the original author so I could thank them personally for all the successful brunches where this dish has taken center stage!

To get your kids involved, let them make the crumb topping by rubbing and sifting the ingredients together with their fingers until they are crumbly.

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What is your favorite recipe to make when you have company for breakfast or brunch? Please share your ideas!

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