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Caesar Salad with Chicken

My family can attest to why Caesar salad is the most popular salad in the U.S. The creamy, garlicky dressing over the crunchy Romaine lettuce is an irresistible combination. Sure, you can buy decent bottled Caesar dressings, but this one is so easy (plus no raw eggs to make us nervous) to make that my 11 year old daughter Celia can make it herself, and it the flavor is a major step above the store-bought stuff.

You can adapt the recipe to suit your family’s palate: Vegetarians can use meatless chicken strips or patties instead of the chicken breasts, or use shrimp, or even leave the protein off and serve it as a side dish.  I like to serve it with whole grain bread. 

What is your family’s favorite salad to enjoy with or for dinner?

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