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Roasted Butternut Squash with Brown Butter Sage

Because I’m a visual learner, I often look around me for inspiration to fuel my creativity in the kitchen.  My daughters are the same way.  We choose what to cook based on our moods, cravings and surroundings. 

Today, as I was driving through my neighborhood on the way to the grocery store, I couldn’t help but feel inspired by all of the maple trees dotting the streets with their patchwork of colored leaves.  By the time I made it to the market, I was in the mood for something which is undeniably fall.  As I walked throughout the produce section my eyes caught a large colorful assortment of squash that reminded me of fall leaves.

Once I was in my kitchen, I thought of different recipes that use squash.  I decided to roast them in our oven, but I wanted something more.  Last spring I had planted an herb container garden with sage which I hadn’t found a reason to use, until today.

Last year, I introduced my daughters to crispy sage cooked in brown butter over pasta.  Even Abigail, my finicky one, was surprised how pleasant the sage was.  So today I thought I would surprise the girls with crispy sage leaves cooked in brown butter over roasted squash.

Once Mimi was home from soccer practice, she immediately began eating the roasted squash once she walked into the kitchen.  I know a dish is a hit with the kids if they don’t say word until it’s gone.  Five minutes later, Mimi found me to ask if there was more squash and especially with the crispy sage leaves.

Roasted squash makes a great side dish with any meal, but if you’re looking to add a little something special to it then brown butter is great level of flavor most kids enjoy.  And for the slightly more adventurous kids, add fresh sage leaves and cook them until they are crispy.

Hope you enjoy this dish and the beauty fall where you live.

PS: For you visual learners, here is a step-by-step supplemental photo guide for this recipe.

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