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Cheddar Garlic Biscotti

If you follow the news in any capacity, I’m sure you’ve heard that it is snowing in Seattle.  A few days ago, weather experts were predicting we would see record amounts of snow-some have been dubbing it snow-mageddon.  Nonetheless, we’ve had a lot of snow fall in the past 4 days.  With my car safely in my garage, being snowed in has had its privileges.

The kids have been outside building life sized snowmen, sledding, throwing snowballs at each other, and snowboarding down our 200 ft. sloped driveway.

Anticipating the possibility of being snowed in for a couple days, I stocked up on staples to make sure we had enough food to make it through the week without having to worry.  This afternoon while my husband took the kids sledding I enjoyed the view from my kitchen window as I kneaded dough in a still and quiet house.  I made a small batch of savory Cheddar Garlic Biscotti as an after-sledding snack. 

The moment everyone started trickling in, they began to comment on the aroma wafting throughout the house.  I could tell by the enthusiasm in their voices they were hungry and excited.  The biscotti was gone in 15 minutes.

Perfect as a snack by itself, this savory biscotti (toasty on the outside and slightly soft on the inside, like a biscuit) also pairs well with a bowl of tomato soup or salad.  If you and your family enjoy savory baked goods, this recipe is a keeper.

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