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Shrimp and Kale Udon

Growing up eating instant top ramen noodles was a staple in our house. Similar to boxed mac and cheese, ramen noodles were inexpensive and quick to prepare costing only $0.10 a package. Now days I prefer a more satisfying noodle dish which is quite popular in Japan and in Japanese restaurants in Seattle.

Japanese udon is a traditional noodle dish served in a hot broth made of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin, with thinly sliced scallions topping it off. In our home this is comfort food at its best. Plain noodles and broth, its simplest form, is made in less than 10 minutes. But typically I will look inside my refrigerator to see what vegetables I have on hand and add them to the broth. I love to eat udon with a fried egg on top.

Today I would like to share my most favorite way to eat udon. With shrimp, kale, tofu, mushrooms, scallions, and a fried egg, this dish gets my vote for the best fast food you can make at home. It can also be served to guests as an impressive meal. Enjoy!

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