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Yogurt Dill Potato Salad

Having always lived in Seattle, I forget how common it is for the school year in other parts of the country to end the last week in May. My social media networks are filled with updates with graduation photos, families on summer vacation trips, and sentimental Instagram images of excited kids on their last day of school. My brain is still on Spring Break, which concluded just three weeks ago. In Seattle our last day of school isn’t until the last week of June. As you might have guessed I’m a bit envious of my friends’ earlier start for summer break. However, this coming 3-day Memorial Day weekend will be a wonderful break for my family and me as we spend time with family and friends.

We will remember the brave men and women in our armed forces that have sacrificed their lives for this country and continue to do so every day. When I think of Memorial Day weekend beyond the remembrance of soldiers, I look at the long weekend as an opportunity to invite friends over for an outdoor barbeque (weather permitting). This is Seattle after all, and it’s been raining and grey the last couple days.

One of my favorite side dishes to make on Memorial Day is potato salad. I don’t know why this is except that I have fond memories of eating potato salad as a child on patriotic holidays. Most potato salad recipes use mayonnaise to dress the cooked potatoes, but today I am sharing a variation using Greek non-fat plain yogurt. Using yogurt adds a slight creamy tang to the potatoes which I absolutely love. The added celery and capers add a nice mix of textures and flavors, and the added herbs just balance the whole potato salad out – especially the dill.

Served either warm or cold, this potato salad makes the perfect side dish to any backyard gathering.

Hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

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