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Ginger Peach Mint Bisque

 As much as I love a good small salad as a starter course before enjoying the main entrée, I also love a great soup.  This is particularly true for me during the winter months.  Hearty soups and stews not only nourish our bodies, they feed our souls in ways only hot comfort foods can.   The same can be said about cold soups during the summer.  A good cold soup, like gazpacho, can be a refreshing change from the usual starter salad when the temperatures outside justify an endless supply of ice cold drinks.

As a recipe developer I love to challenge myself to create dishes that are not only easy and quick to prepare, but are fresh, simple, and bold in flavor despite its easy preparation.  Today’s recipe for Ginger Peach Mint Bisque only takes a few minutes to pull together and is delightfully refreshing, making it the perfect starter dish for a hot summer evening meal.

Made with honey infused Greek yogurt, this bisque is not overly sweet despite using sweet ripe peaches.  Instead, the bisque is a multi-flavor layered chilled soup with subtle but noticeable hints of ginger and mint.  The way the different bold tasting elements work together in this bisque is what makes it so refreshing.  The addition of fresh lime adds enough citrus to the chilled soup that it magically transforms it from being too dessert-like and more or a welcomed starter with a hint of tartness from the yogurt. 

If you’re looking to add more dishes to your summer cooking repertoire, give this one a try.  It’s a great one to keep you cool during the summer heat wave sweeping the nation.

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