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Kale Pesto

When most people think of pesto, the combination of spicy basil and garlic come to mind. The beautiful intensely green condiment is a favorite ingredient in Italian dishes and I personally love adding pesto to pasta dishes.

However, pesto can be made from other types of greens including garlic scapes and dandelion greens. My current favorite way to prepare pesto is with kale. The subtle differences between using kale and basil makes it hardly noticeable when I use it to mix with a little bit of mayonnaise as garlic spread on sandwiches or making cheese bread. I also like to add a spoonful of kale pesto when making stir-fry or making pasta with fresh tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon.

If you haven’t made kale pesto before it’s quite easy with a food processor. Typically made with walnuts, I like to make mine with almonds but feel free to use walnuts or omit them if nut allergies are a concern. Enjoy!

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