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Bunuelos (or Bimuelos) with Honey – Sephardic Hanukkah Donuts

For Hannukah, it is traditional to eat foods fried in oil, to commemorate the miracle of the lamp oil that lasted for eight days when it should have only lasted for one. Bunuelos (aka bimuelos), a rustic yeast-raised and fried donut that the Sephardic side of my family makes. For Hanukkah we have them with the traditional honey; any other time they are also terrific with powdered sugar. There is also a Passover version made with matzoh, but honestly that doesn’t hold a candle to the flour-based doughnut.

The dough for bunuelos should be quite wet. This isn’t a doughnut that you roll out. You wet your hands, grab a piece of dough, form a rough ball and poke a hole with your thumb, then drop it straight in the oil. The result is unfussy, light and airy, and altogether insanely delicious. They are so simple to make that you could stir up the dough in just a few minutes before dinner, and fry them up afterwards to entertain and thrill the kids.

Quick Note: This recipe is vegan if you use powdered sugar instead of honey.

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