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Ganache Brownie Bites

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was never a day to really celebrate “love”.  Instead, it was a fun holiday where Mom drove my sisters and I to the drugstore where we each would excitedly get to pick out a box of silly cards with phrases such as, “Be Mine” or “Stay Sweet.”  I still find it hilarious when my daughters come home from school and carefully inspect every card to see which kids gave them a card with a subtle romantic gesture expressed through them – who writes these cards?  This only goes to show that these typical Valentine’s Day classroom rituals haven’t changed much since I was a kid.

Next week class parties happening across the country will be celebrating this fun holiday with the exchanging of cards and candy, fun games, arts and crafts, and of course… good food.  Here is a simple but oh-so-good brownies recipe that is sure to be a hit at the party.

Made with melted chocolate and a touch of cocoa, the ganache brownies are made complete with a very thin layer or ganache frosting.  You can easily make this the night before and they make enough for each person to have one.  Although decadent and rich, these bite-sized chocolate morsels make any day more special, and far more fun than anyone telling me to “Be Cool,” ever could through a character themed card. Enjoy1

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