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Flower Lunch


We made this Flower Lunch and thought it would be a great lunch to make for Mother’s Day! I see so many fun and crafty ideas for kids to make for their moms on Mother’s Day and think how many kids or dads are really checking out these sites/blogs to make these things. Not that many I am sure! However, this is just a fun and easy lunch to make any day.

We also made a Flower Breakfast like this awhile back using pancakes, eggs and fruit.

Jill Mills, and her three little boys ages 2,6 and 9, are the authors and founders of Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, a blog full of fun food for kids! They reside in Atlanta, Ga and create everything from silly snacks, lunches, dinners and tasty treats mostly for kids. They also make healthy food look fun for picky eaters to try new foods! Jill is also a contributor for Kellogg’s site, Snackpicks, and their fun food creations have been featured in several popular online and print publications, including Disney’s Family Fun and Parenting magazine. They encourage kids to get creative in the kitchen and believe that it’s ok to play with your food!

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