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10 Fabulous Mother’s Day Spring Desserts


What do moms really want for Mother’s Day?  Speaking on behalf of myself, I can tell you this much.  I don’t feel very honored, respected, or appreciated when my husband gifts me a vacuum, exercise devices I’ve only seen on informercials, or a dvd/cassette player.  And if you’re wondering, I have received all three at some point in the last 12 years I’ve been mothering.  And all three times my husband was genuinely confused by my lack of enthusiasm.

However, give me a delicious homemade dessert and you’ll see me beaming from ear to ear, as long as my husband and kids make sure to clean up after themselves in the kitchen.  Because if I have to clean on Mother’s Day, the Tiger wife within me will come out.  Trust me, you don’t want to see that happen. It’s ugly.

So if you’re looking for some dessert recipes to honor the special moms in your life, here are 10 Spring recipes to inspire you.  Created by some of the most popular food bloggers on the internet, these blogger-turned-authors also happen to be moms who have a good understanding of what other moms like. Don’t worry dads and kids, I got your back.

To read the full recipe, please click on the photos.   Enjoy!

3-Tiered Flower Spring Cakes by Bridget Edwardsaran-goyoaga-Pink-peppercorn-kissed-rhubarb-and-berry-cake

Gluten-free Pink Peppercorn Kissed Rhubarb and Berry Cake by Aran Goyoaga


Homemade Box-Style Brownies by Jenny Flake

Strawberry Sparkle Cake by Ree Drummond


Gluten-free Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake by Elana Amsterdam


Blueberry Shortcakes by Alice Currah


Raspberry Buttermilk Cake by Heather Christo


Chocolate Chip Macaroons by Melissa Lanz


Rustic Lemon Cake by Jennifer Perillo


Strawberry Parfait by Catherine McCord

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